Erin's St. Patrick's Day

Erin had spent the entire night digging and searching for her father's pot of gold. She was tired and dirty, yet, she still had no pot of gold. She had heard the Irish folks from the big city claim that all Leprechaun men had pots of gold. Tomorrow was the St. Patrick's Day festivities and she needed a new dress. Well, this was getting her no place, was time to have a talk with her selfish father. A very dirty and tired Erin headed their for humble home.

Maggie woke to a damp, cold, dreary day wishing she did not have to face it with her whiny sister, Erin. ''Oh my'', thought Maggie, I am becoming my sister. '' I will just think positive thoughts and my day will soar''. That was when Maggie thought about her wonderful father, Dinny.

Dinny Maggie and her family had always lived in their little house in the midst of the heather, far enough from the city not to be bothered, yet close enough to their family and friends not to be lonely. Maggie wanted to be friends with Erin. But Erin wanted to be friends with other Leprechaun kids who had nice clothes and a fancy house. Erin didn't have time for her own sister or father. Maggie could not help but feel sorry for Erin because the ''in crowd'' kids would never accept Erin since her father had little money and worked hard for what they had.

Well, enough of such serious thoughts so early in the morn, Maggie wanted to get her chores done so she could start sewing on her new dress for St. Patrick's Day. Erin had not even started sewing her dress.

Megan Dinny and Maggie were shocked when a very dirty Erin came into the house. Dinny asked Erin where she had been so early. ''I have been looking everywhere for your pot of gold. I am tired, hungry, dirty and will have no new dress to show off tomorrow" cried Erin. Dinny looked at his daughter in amazement, "Erin, I have no pot of gold. That is just a story the Irish folks have passed down for generations," replied Dinny.

"You really don't have it? Oh no what am I going to do? I have no pretty new dress for the celebration." cried Erin. Maggie could not help but feel sorry for her sister and hoped she learned a lesson, but she wanted her sister to have fun tomorrow too. "Erin, I have a dress I had sewn for church that I was saving, you may have it." said Maggie to her sister. ''Oh Maggie, you are so wonderful, after I have acted so selfish" Erin told her sister.

Erin in her new dress Maggie and Erin had so much fun on St. Patrick's Day. And, both girls looked so pretty in their new dresses. Erin also had a brand new attitude about what was really important in her life.....her family.



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